Knowledge is the only truly human-made resource, and yet its survival is constantly under threat.

Humankind is a fickle, advantageous creature with, well, a LOT of flaws. We have a primarily parasitic relationship with the planet, consuming her resources with alarming disregard for the cost, and contribute very little back to this imbalanced ecosystem.

We ignore the inconvenient truth that all resources are finite. 

We pretend our species is inevitable.

And in the midst of all this delusion, we miss a seed of hope: All resources are finite, except one… Knowledge.

As a species, we have banked a vast wealth of experience and wisdom which each of us builds on every day. Societies flourish because those who came before us handed down their teachings, contributing to our expansion, experimentation, and epiphany.

This river of knowledge flows forward, carried by each and every single human being who walks the earth.

Unfortunately, its survival is not guaranteed. 

There will always be those who wish to limit access to the River, who wish to allow only a select few to drink from its banks, who work to limit what can be shared, who deny its existence… and seek to destroy it completely.

The river of knowledge is the only man made thing that lives beyond us — each individual who adds to the collective wisdom of our species enriches the lives of all who come after. 

When we neglect the River, we suffer. When we hoard its resources, we suffer. It is only through responsible and community-building stewardship that we flourish.

As caretakers and contributors to The River of Knowledge, teachers live on the front-line of these attacks. These passionate defenders of our collective wisdom work insane hours at ridiculously unjust wages to ensure future generations have equitable access to our collective wisdom, the critical thinking skills to successfully analyze, understand, and apply this wisdom to their lives, and a passion to continue on their lifelong journeys as stewards and contributors to this ever evolving River.

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