Critical Thinking

Ames Community School District has recently come under fire for offering a Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action to our students. Per their website:

“The Black Lives Matter at School movement, which is not formally affiliated with the Black Lives Matter Global Network or any other organization in the Movement for Black Lives, is a push to improve schools for Black students, teachers, and families. The movement is a call to schools across the nation to say and show that Black lives matter within the school walls and in the policies and practices that impact the lives and futures of Black students. The Week of Action is a time set aside to affirm all Black identities by centering Black voices, empowering students, and teaching about Black experiences beyond slavery.”

We applaud the district’s choice to bring complex discussions about race into Ames classrooms. Only by offering our children a multitude of perspectives on our history as a diverse nation are we truly helping them to develop the sort of critical thinking skills necessary for a successful future.

Those who seek to invalidate the non-white experience in education only serve to demonstrate further the importance of this kind of learning. We are better when we open our minds to a multitude of perspectives, for whomsoever preaches closed-mindedness is but a power-monger who would steal your freedom of thought for themselves.

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