School Board

Ames Community School Board elections are November 2nd.

It is VITALLY important that community members engage in this process, as board members are responsible for shaping the policies and practices that shape our schools.

Multiple pressure groups have formed recently, some nationally motivated, to overtake school boards and force a political agenda that prioritizes restricting teachers, limiting educational resources and topics, and curbing critical thinking skills over holistic education practices. These groups think of education as a shrub they can prune and shape, rather than a forest to feed and nurture.

It is vital that Ames community members stay engaged in our school board elections!

Here are some great non-partisan questions you can ask candidates:

  1. Are you a member or supported by any particular group formed to influence the school board?  If so, what group?
  2. Do you believe the local school board with school administrators and teachers should determine the local curriculum or do you think it is a state function? Please explain.
  3. What are your three top priorities if elected? Please be specific.

(source: Des Moines Register)

Let’s make sure Ames elects leaders passionate about ensuring our schools lead with equity and integrity, and who will empower our students to grow to their fullest potential!

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Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash